Oaklands Childcare and Kindergarten is committed to building on the current skills, interests and understanding of each child by delivering play based programs that identify and implement learning experiences which support all areas of wellbeing and development, including cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. We believe that educational development is learning in any shape or form that children undertake at their own pace, facilitated by educators.

Oaklands acknowledges that each person is unique and that people come from a variety of backgrounds that may have different languages, traditions, worldviews, values and beliefs. We appreciate and celebrate each child’s background, family history, cultural practices and personal story. We aim to be aware of each person’s culture and how this contributes to different ways of creating knowledge.

Oaklands is supportive of each child’s journey in building a personal identity and becoming self-aware. We recognise that personal growth is an ongoing life process that involves adapting to change and learning from past experiences, as well as having to problem-solve in challenging situations. We aim to provide an environment where children feel safe to have a go and try new things.

Oaklands defines community as a group of people who share common goals and beliefs who collaborate to achieve outcomes of common interest. Oaklands is committed to engaging members of the community in contributing to the educational programs for the purpose of enriching the learning and development of each child. Oaklands aims to give back to the community by being involved in projects that serve the broader aims of society.