Australian recommendations for physical activity are for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily (children and adolescents). It is also recommended that Australian children and young people should not spend more than two hours each day using electronic media for entertainment (eg. computer games, internet, TV) particularly in daylight hours.

At Oaklands we believe that physical activity provides the opportunity to be active, have fun, feel good, be healthy and express yourself.

Here are some of the extra-curricular activities we offer at Oaklands.

Rugby Tots

A weekly program for children between the ages of two to seven. The program combines skills used in rugby with a fun, energetic and structured play program designed to enhance your child’s social and physical skills.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet Fitness entertains, inspires and encourages children to make positive healthy choices for themselves, the world around them, and in their relationships with others.

Hot Shots Tennis

It is all about improving your child’s tennis skills and swings in a fun and safe environment. Hot Shots has real coaches who have played at a professional level teaching your children. It helps children to develop physical awareness and hand eye coordination.

Play Frog

A sequence of weekly half hour lessons of French or Spanish utilising characters to introduce words covered in the subjects taught. Each Play Frog character brings a fun bag full of surprises each week such as costumes, puppets, face painting toys, musical instruments and much more

Ginger Sport

Provides young children of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy soccer in a fun, positive, enjoyable and safe environment. It is led by experienced and qualified sports coaches who hold valid working with children blue card and first aid certificate.

Cricket Classes

Delivered by André Burger Cricket Academy. André Burger is the Director of Cricket at John Paul College and he is also the Cricket Developer Coach at Churchie. The classes help nurture cricket skills to a high level to enable each player to advance to the next stage of their development whilst still having fun.